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Director, Media Services--Online

Media – Cincinnati, Ohio
Department Media
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor


Director, Media Services—Online

April 2018

 The Director of Media Services—Online is considered a key position, interacting at the highest levels of the client and agency organization. This position is responsible for leading media   planning and buying services for all agency clients, and supervises any media support staff.  

Curious Requirements:

The Director of Media Services—Online must be curious. You must think big thoughts and have the courage to break new ground and reinvent the definition of creativity and integration. You must be a good person who supports your coworkers and supervisors with empathy and honesty. You must believe in collaboration and positive confrontation for the sake of team and individual accountability. You must be strategic, with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for creating insightful, intelligent work. You must be strong at developing and managing disciplined and efficient work processes for our agency and with our clients and vendors. You must celebrate being a teacher and a mentor. You must be able to laugh with others and at yourself. You must comport yourself in a manner that engenders respect and promotes lasting relationships. You must have a big heart and a burning fire in your belly for storytelling. You must be indispensable. Above all, you must be willing to fail rather than settle for conformity. 

Our goal is to create a creative culture and a company that is like no other. If this speaks to who you are and where you would like to grow your career, then please read on. 

Critical Skills/Traits:

To be a successful Director of Media Services—Online, you must possess exceptional communication skills, both orally and in writing. You must also possess superior interpersonal skills and be able to create a rapport with people of all demographics. You must be polished, maintaining a professional, put-together demeanor. You have to be incredibly confident, ambitious and self-motivated. You should thrive when working independently.

You should be a keen listener. You should have strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task and manage pressure situations. You need strong attention to detail and project documentation, with the ability to create and inform new processes and procedures.

You must possess the ability to bring fresh thinking and curiosity to your work, and must have a passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge gathering and testing new mediums to reach our targets. You must fit into a culture of self-motivation, quest for learning and team collaboration, while expressing a curiosity that pushes the boundaries on traditional thinking.

Job Description:  The Director of Media Services—Online is teaching and growing fundamental skills for Online media channels. Teaching and applying a knowledge base of both soft and hard Media Service skills is critical for this role. With a strong foundation of the industry, client categories and the organization, this position is critical in developing others in the department and in the execution of strategic media planning and informed placements. This position is critical in building the client business within Curiosity. The ability to leverage internal and external relationships, analyze data and make strong recommendations will also be a key contributing success factor.  

Primary Responsibilities and Function:

  • Understanding the client’s industries, the agency industry and Curiosity’s position within the industry
  • Ability to comprehend client marketing strategies and translate them into solid results to drive media recommendations. Helping others develop this skill with practice and examples.
  • Client facing, so must demonstrate strong presentation skills and the ability to instill confidence by supporting the recommendations in a professional and well-thought-out presentation and discussion.
  • Proactive and resourceful problem-solving skills.
  •  Analyze data, think creatively and dream up innovative strategies to make sure marketing campaigns reach the right target audience in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Ability to find meaningful insights in data and information that informs and guides plans, recommendations and optimizations. Proactively recommend changes to plans to continuously improve results.
  • Has a deep knowledge and understanding for all media types – traditional, non-traditional, online, offline, their strengths and weakness and how they work together to achieve different objectives.
  • Supervising the best possible implementation of all approved media plans and projects.

Specific position responsibilities may include

Client Relationships:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships at senior levels 
  • Working closely with clients, understanding their wants, needs and objectives and then making the important decisions 
  • Leading critical client presentations
  • Networking within and across client departments/groups/business units
  • Looking for business-building opportunities and indicators, both within the current client base, as well as new prospects.
  • Comprehending client marketing strategies and translating them into tangible results to drive media recommendations, working with large or small budgets
  • Demonstrating strong presentation skills and the ability to instill confidence by supporting our recommendations in professional and well-thought-out presentations and discussions
  • Maintaining familiarity with the history, present organization, and procedures of the client, as well as with conditions in the industry

 Project Management:

  • Supporting the account team in client presentation and discussions
  • Executing successful strategies over numerous accounts  
  • Leading the delivery of sophisticated and integrated communications programs according to plan
  • Providing timely and appropriate updates to ownership team
  • Creating solutions to project obstacles and client interactions

Strategic Thinking:

  • Counseling clients on strategic level 
  • Guiding internal and client strategic discussions
  • Regularly providing innovative strategic solutions
  • Driving big-picture strategic expansion
  • Analyzing data, thinking creatively and dreaming up innovative strategies to make sure marketing campaigns reach the right target audience in the most effective way possible. This would be assessed against target-ability, cost and effectiveness of each media—individually and integrated within any given plan. This includes accessing and using competitive data within this analysis as well.
  • Seeking out other agency partners for necessary information to build out the correct plans
  • Planning against all media types—traditional, digital and social including drafting how clients determine KPI with the digital/social elements of their plan
  • Supervising the best possible implementation of all approved media plans and projects and providing for any added value 

Financial Management:

  • Maintaining a track record of successful and profitable media buys against clients’ accounts. Accepts shared responsibility of profitability of media buys.
  • Providing input to client proposals to achieve profitability
  • Providing leadership in agency efficiency
  • Negotiating contracts with clients using skill set to achieve lowest possible rates against the right media choices
  • Tracking and detailing budgets by media to reconcile media plans and budgets on a monthly basis
  • Assisting the account team in planning overall budgets
  • Maintaining budgets, flowcharts and content calendarsand prepares such periodic reports as may be necessary
  • Working with accounting regarding media invoicing and billing needs

Internal Relationships

  • Exhibiting strong communication and relationship with Curiosity ownership and other division management
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationship with internal departments
  • Managing direct reports
  • Setting examples/expectations for media team to follow in-house processes


  • Recommending improvements to internal processes and procedures
  • Developing media staff through coaching and reviews. This includes training buyers and planners in proper methods of preparing, evaluating and implementing media plans.
  • Leads by example.  Coaching and mentoring other positions to develop the skills needed for their growth and development within the media department.
  • Achieving success in the growth and development of reports
  • Challenging others and takes risks with a proactive attitude
  • Garnering respect of clients as a valued team leader
  • Working collaboratively and cooperatively with many different personality types
  • Leading by example and with confidence against planning decisions.  Must be willing and able to wear any and all hats as needed.  
  • Maintaining the best possible relationship with clients, the account team, and media representatives in order to further mutual interests of the agency and its client
  • Providing an energy level that brings new and exciting ideas to the planning function

 Industry Knowledge & Expertise

  • Understanding/learning the clients’ industries, the agency industry and Curiosity’s position within the industry
  • Maintaining strong understanding of advertising tactics and adding agency value 
  • Leading the collection and analysis of information about different media channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, digital display, social and outdoor media with regard to consumer behavior, about what media channels should be used for specific campaigns. These choices have an impact on what the creative team produces and vice versa.
  • Keeping up-to-date on all available market and consumer information necessary to the preparation of the most effective and efficient media planning. This includes MRI, Simmons and Scarborough data to help define target audience for media plans.  
  • Understanding competitive tracking research tools like Adview to outline competitive marketplace and potential areas of opportunity
  • Leads recommendations for tools and processes for the department.
  • Staying alert to new media or new methods of using existing media and new developments, such as coverage patterns and circulation of rate changes

 Education/Qualifications Include:

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a concentration in advertising, marketing, communications, PR or related fields
  • 7-10 years of experience in advertising agency, marketing services agency or media agency.
  • Strong understanding in principles of advertising, marketing and media.
  • Strong buying and media management experience
  • Well versed in dynamics of media – how each media element performs alone, together and how the constantly change.
  • Exceptional in mathematical concepts.
  • Proficient with Word, Excel and PowerPoint/Keynote, Google products (GMAIL, DOCS).
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to learn new skills quickly with an open attitude to taking on new skill sets
  • Must be proficient with media tools such as Google AdWordsBing AdsMarin,Strata, Nielsen, Simmons, MRI,ComScoreGoogle Analytics, Facebook, SQAD and Telmar.

NOTE:  Underlined are absolute requirements.  This position reports to the VP Media Services.

What Is Curiosity?

Curiosity is a full-service strategic 360-degree advertising and communications agency with national scope and national clients. We are driving our clients’ growth by uncovering a rich understanding of how our target consumers interact, contribute to and share within the interactive space.

Curiosity provides clients with full-service communications solutions, including interactive and traditional campaign development. We are an agency filled with inquisitive, passionate, innovative marketers, designers, brand strategists, copywriters and programmers who give our clients a superior experience based on blending insights, energy, creativity and intuition to create unforgettable campaigns and client results. 

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